Joint Aid Management

JAM is an international non-profit organisation that since 1984 has provided nutritional relief to Africa’s children.

Their goal is to feed one million children a day.

Weatherseal have been sponsors of JAM since 2007, and have raised over £200,000 to date through fund raising events and the kind donations of our staff. We are really proud of the massive efforts our team has put into supporting this worthy cause.

The Red Bowl

The Red Bowl is changing the way African parents make the daily choice of their children’s survival – it’s hard to imagine, but these families rely on having their children work with them or independently to fed themselves – regardless of age. The idea of sending these Children to school is simply not in the equation.

For families living in communities where JAM school feeding programs are prominent, Red Bowls are filled each day at school for children. These Red Bowls are transforming the choice from one of survival to one of opportunity. The new paradigm provided by the Red Bowl for kids and their families is no longer about the present and what it lacks, but about the future and what it can bring.

The Red Bowl is a symbol of hope.

What a difference £5 makes

£5 is the amount it costs to feed a child for an entire month through JAM.

It is simply amazing how invaluable our donations become when we see the positive impact it has on the children’s lives. Over the past few years we have raised over £200,000 to date. If we take that figure and divide it by 5, it turns out we’ve helped to fed over 40,000 children!

We will continue to raise money for JAM and push past the next big sum of £500k whilst always spreading the word about this fantastic organisation. You can find out more about JAM, including how you could help on their website:

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